Lear Jet 45

Aircraft Category- Light Jet
Cruise speed-450 knots
Range- 1899 miles

Challenger 600

Aircraft Category-Large size Jet
Seats- 12
Cruise speed-460 knots
Range-4415 miles

Boeing Business Jet

Aircraft Category-Ultra Large Jet
Cruise speed -490 knots
Range-7000 miles

Gulfstream 550

Aircraft Category-Ultra large Jet
Cruise speed -470 knots
Range-6500 miles

Private Jets

Private jets are fast becoming the ultimate mode of travel for those wanting to save time and travel in comfort whilst being assured of complete discretion, privacy and, most importantly, safety. With private terminals set away from main airports you will enjoy reduced check-in time and minimal security procedures. Look forward to no more worries about luggage being lost in busy airports.

Members of Private Client Services can choose from thousands of departure and destination airports across the globe. Our in-flight catering team will provide you with cuisine to match your tastes: from caviar and champagne; to fish & chips and your favorite beer; or just a cup of coffee.

Private Client Services has partners with elite aviation companies and can offer an unprecedented level of access to the world's most exclusive and luxurious private jets, including: