Private Client Services Lifestyle

Private Client Service members appreciate that luxury lies beyond the recognizable. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide experiences beyond anything found in a publication or pamphlet.

Once you are part of Private Client Services you can choose from a glamorous list of luxury services and experiences. However, it is our understanding of our members that really allows us to tailor experiences around their requests. For some, that may be driving a high performance automobile on an open road, while for others it will be the sensation of a luxurious yacht gliding over Caribbean waters. You may be a private jet or helicopter fan, you may even love shopping privately at designer's showroom, and your tastes could include 5 star hotels or private residences. Whatever your desires, you will have the creative freedom to put together your very own idea of luxury and then leave it up to us to make your idea a reality.

Private Client Services is the epitome of luxury living, no matter what your definition of luxury is.